School of Resources, Infrastructure & Manufacture

The School of Resources, Infrastructure and Manufacture offers nationally accredited qualifications, traineeship and apprenticeship level courses in the resources, infrastructure, construction, drilling and Polymer processing industries. The School of Resources, Infrastructure and Manufacture offers a comprehensive mix of face to face teaching, online tutorial support, and on-the-job training.

The courses and qualifications offered let students specialise in their own industry including but not limited to underground in-seam directional drilling, plant operations, mineral exploration, construction and Polymer Belt Splicing.

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The courses are designed not only for those who wish to obtain a transferable qualification or for companies who wish to obtain formal training and assessment for their employees but also for those wishing to gain entry into the industry. Staff members of the School of Mining and Manufacture have many years of industry experience and are qualified trainers and assessors. Further information about each of the School of Mining and Manufacturing courses (including nominal teaching hours, individual course competencies, delivery modes, and teaching fees) can be obtained from our Offices.