School of Business, Quality & Training

The School of Business, Quality and Training offers the nationally accredited course ranging from frontline management through to Diploma level business courses. The School offers a comprehensive mix of face to face teaching, online tutorial support, and simulated practical exercises. Where students are employed in a suitable position, the simulated practical exercise components are replaced with on-the-job training.

The courses are designed not only for those who wish to obtain a transferable qualification or for companies who wish to obtain formal qualifications for their business and training staff but also for those wishing to further their careers in training and management.

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Staff members of the School of Business, Quality and Training have many years of industry experience and are themselves qualified trainers and assessors.  Our unique Double Management Diploma is a cost effective way to ensure staff development in both their business management and auditing skills, an essential course for any line manager working for an ISO quality endorsed company.