Nationally Accredited Courses

The Australian College of Mining is currently enrolling a number of flexible delivery courses including:

  • Certificate IV Leadership and Management
  • Certificate IV Work Health & Safety

For more information on our current course enrolments please contact our office during business hours.

Recognition of Current Learning/Current Competence

Each of our schools undertakes RPL and RCC on all qualifications offered by the Australian College of Mining. RCC and RPL acknowledge skills and knowledge obtained through:

  • Formal training (conducted by industry or educational institutions)
  • Work experience (informal training)
  • Life experience

The main focus is on the learning outcomes of these experiences, not on how, when or where the learning occurred.  If you feel you have the skills and knowledge required for a specific qualification or Unit of Competence please enquire about the RCC process.

Assessment Pathways

The two major assessment pathways listed in the Assessment Guidelines for all Vocational Training Package’s are:

  • Recognition of Current Competence (RCC) – competency gained through prior learning, work experience or life experience.
  • Assessing competence in an actual or simulated workplace environment.

Assessment tools have been designed so that candidates can use either of these pathways to demonstrate competence. This means that assessors can draw on a combination of assessment methods to assess the candidate, depending on their current skills and knowledge.

For more information on our Assessment, RPL/RCC process please contact our office during business hours.